Find Your Place.

Whether your child is athletic, artistic, competitive, shy, outgoing, or everything in between, there is a place for them at NLC 4-H Camp. Our staff, Junior Staff and Teen Leaders all  work together to create a magical welcoming environment.

Our certified instructors teach safety and beginner and intermediate skills with the bow and arrow. Ages 10 and up.

Campers will make designer crafts; this program will challenge basic to experienced arts and crafts enthusiasts.  Create a scrapbook of you camp experience.  Fee: $20

Be a part of a camp band! Whether you play an instrument or just like to sing, Music is a great activity to join. Music classes prepare a song to perform at our weekly Camp Talent Variety Show!  Bring your instruments.

OUTDOOR LIVING                                                                       
Become aware of everything around you: pond life, animal life, forest and field. Your adventure continues with a one night campout experience including pitching tents, cooking on an outdoor fire and learning simple first aid.

CANOEING & FUNYAKS                                                                                    
Instruction in safety and handling of canoes. Pond participation for campers of necessary swimming proficiency.

DISC GOLF                                                                                                        
A low-key activity that allows you to combine your Frisbee throwing abilities with 9 holes of golf!

A variety of creative activities which includes at least two of the following: mime, puppetry, set making, one act plays, costume creation, and pantomime.  Perform in the Camp Talent Variety Show.

Do you have a knack for creating wacky inventions? Do you like to design and participate in crazy science experiments? Does your curiosity sometimes run wild? Then Mad Science might be the perfect activity for you! Fee: $20

American Red Cross-certified staff will follow programs and testing for fun at the 4-H pond!

Using your musical talents, work together developing a production for the weekly talent show!  Also, learn basic or advanced steps to various dance routines leading up to a production at the talent show!

MOVIE PRODUCTION                                                                                   
Using fun digital technology, learn how to produce a movie at the 4-H Camp for a full production.

Cast your camp provided fishing pole, catching a great time & a few fish along the way! The camp pond is stocked with several types of fish, including bass, sunny, and blue gill!
Ages 8 & up.  You take home the fishing pole & the fish stories! Fee: $20
If you have your own pole and tackle, there is no fee!

Learn or perfect some key skills necessary to play the sport of soccer, as well as playing lots of fun and exciting games!

Reporting, photography, and production of the weekly camp newsletter called β€œThe Happy Camper.”
SPORTS / RECREATION                                                                    
Team sports, Spikeball, indoor/outdoor games and cooperative games. Something different every day!

T-SHIRT MAKING / BRACELET MAKING                                                                    
These two creative programs rotate every other week, and both are super fun! Make custom t-shirts and apparel or get you very own bracelet loom and learn different bracelet braiding techniques! Both let your camper take home fun camp souvenirs! Fee: $20

Beginner and advanced classes. Construction, safety, and LAUNCH! Ages 10 & up. Fee: $20

ROPES COURSE                                                                                       
Develop your leadership skills with individual & team challenges taught by certified instructors.  Ages 12 & up.