Get Prepared For Camp 

At NLC 4-H Camp, we know how important it is for parents to feel prepared and informed before sending their child to summer camp. Therefore, we have included our most commonly asked questions below. If you have further questions, please contact us anytime! 

What does my child need to bring to camp?

Camp is all about having fun and playing outside!. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you do not pack clothing items that you would mind if they got dirty or stained. The What to Bring to Camp list is to help in your preparation. Remember to bring bedding, including sheets, pillow, blankets and a sleeping bag. Please mark all clothing and equipment with your camper’s name. This will help if items get lost of misplaced! The New London County 4-H Camp is not responsible for lost personal belongings, including articles of clothing. Parents are encouraged to check "Lost and Found" prior to departure of each session. Thank you for your understanding.


WhAt are the themes of each week?

Each week has a specific and wacky theme planned by our program director. These themes are told to campers when they arrive but also at the closing ceremonies of the previous week. Each week, no matter what the theme, is fun and exciting and for every type of camper! But we also have general themes and traditions that happen each week. Check out the Dates and Themes tab to read more!


Can We Make a Cabin Mate Request?

We understand that often campers may come to camp with a friend that they would like to bunk with. Camp is an opportunity for children to meet new people, and have new experiences! Because of this, we allow you to make the requests, BUT there is no guarantee that we can fulfill these requests. Especially in larger sized weeks, there is absolutely no promises made for requests. We will try our best to find a solution that works for everyone, AND to make sure your child feels comfortable and excited for the week!


It's my child's birthday while they are at camp! Do you do anything special?

We love to celebrate birthdays!   If your child has a birthday while they are at camp, please feel free to send a special card or care package. We will provide the fun and a special treat for your camper’s birthday!! Let your cabin counselors know at the beginning of the week.


What if my child gets sick at camp?

At all times we have a certified Nurse living in our Nurse's Station. These amazing volunteers are part of what makes our camp special. Our nursing staff will treat their symptoms and call you if your camper spends the night in the infirmary, visits repeatedly with the same medical concern, or if the nurse has a question about your camper’s medical form. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer nurse, please email us!


How recent should my child's medical form be?

All campers must have had a physical exam by a licensed provider WITHIN 2 YEARS of their last day of camp.  A copy of a medical evaluation from your child’s school, sports activity, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts or any other youth-oriented organization is acceptable.


What is HealthCare like at camp?

We have a nurse on duty at camp every session. Our nurse distributes all medication to campers (over-the-counter or prescription), care for illness and respond to any emergency situations. In addition, our staff is trained in First Aid and CPR. The closest hospital to camp is less than 15 minutes away.


How do I know my camper will be safe at camp?

Safety is always our top priority at camp. We are accredited by the State of Connecticut and the American Camp Association- meaning that we meet or exceed more than 300 standards of health, safety, and program excellence. Our staff goes through a minimum of one and one-half weeks of staff training and are certified in First Aid , our waterfront staff are Red Cross and CPR certified lifeguards, and our program staff are current in all their program certifications.


Do I need to be a 4-H Member to attend camp?

No, it is not necessary to be a 4-H member to attend camp.


Can we visit camp before signing up?

Yes, we have several open houses each year, in May and the beginning of June.   All tours are led by our teen leaders, junior staff and or Counselors.  See our EVENTS page to learn more. You can also email our registrar about scheduling a tour of the camp!


What is Your cancelLation/refund policy?

There are no refunds for early dismissal due to homesickness, misconduct or medical reasons. There will be no refunds after June 14th, 2020. Sorry no exceptions! 


What is a typical day like for Day Campers?

Click here to see the day camp schedule! And click here to read more about Day Camp! Feel free to email us any other questions. 


Do you offer financial Assistance or Help Paying for camp?

Limited camperships are available.  Applications are due in the spring.  Go to the PARENTS=>FORMS tab for the application.  Details are on the form.  Call the Registrar's office for more information: (860) 886-7476.  Or call (860) 889-5266. 

Camperships are also available through the United Way of Greater Waterbury, for residents of the surrounding towns.  Click here to find out how to apply - due date will be published as soon as we know it!

We accept Connecticut Care 4 Kids.  Go to their website for more information


Do you offer discounts?

Or largest discount starts right after the end of the summer camping session. If you register and pay in full before end date you can take advantage of the savings. The amount of the discount decreases as we approach the camping season. Below are the general time frams for our discounts. Click the REGISTER button to get to the online registration where your discount swill be automatically applied.

Super Pre Season Special: August-September

Pre Season Special: October-November

Tax Season Specials: January- mid March and mid March-April

How is food served at camp and what choices will my CHild have?

Our Mess Hall is at the center of our camp and meals are an event of their own with songs, silly jokes, and lots of laughing! Kids are free to sit where they want. Our tables are family style, with counselors or junior staff sitting at the ends. The counselors serve the campers and make sure everyone eats something they like, while also entertaining the table.

Our kitchen serves a family style breakfast with cereal and yogurt choices if your child does not like the main choice. We have a family style Lunch and Dinner. A salad bar is available for lunch and dinner everyday, with the entire camp eating at the same time. We work with all our campers to make sure they are eating what they like or what they need, there are also alternative options.

One a week we have a cook out lunch by the beach (weather permitting). All our food is prepared by professional food service employees who take great care in their work. We serve kid friendly meals. If your camper has any special dietary needs, we will make sure they are fulfilled. Make sure to inform the registrar and nurse, and your camp counselor when you drop your child off!


What can you tell us about your camp staff?

All of our camp staff is interviewed in person by the Camp Director.  When a candidate is identified as a prospective camp staff member from the interview process, personal and professional references are verified and a background check is performed before employment is finalized. To meet the leadership behind the camp, click here. 


What are The Cabins like?

Camp offers cabins which incorporate some comforts of home with the rustic nature of camping. Each bunk houses campers, some Teen Leaders (level 2), a junior staff, and 2 counselors and features front and back entrances, plenty of windows, a smoke detector, bunks and storage space. Each cabin has its own unique atmosphere and history here at the camp. Often cabins are filled with the markings and signatures of past campers on the walls.


What is the first day of camp like? (Overnight)

The first day at Camp is exciting! Camp Staff greets each camper family upon arrival, and camp counselors welcome campers to their bunks with signs, group games, and lots of fun stuff. After the welcome ceremony, the campers get a tour of the camp, learn about all the activities and get introduced to all of our staff. After this they take a little time to sign up for their activities for the week. Then we have an outdoor dinner and spend the night playing rotating games on the Rec Field that are fun, inclusive, and great for bonding and making new friends. 


Is it ok to send letters to my campers? How do I do that?

Everybody loves to get mail! We welcome cards and letters.  Avoid writing about how much fun the child is missing while away from home; you might stir up an unnecessary case of homesickness. Encourage your child to have fun and to make the most of his/her camp experience. A simple note to stay in touch is all that’s necessary. Please address camper mail as follows:

Camper’s Name
NLC 4H Camp
37 Kahn Road
Franklin, CT 06254

We no longer accept emails, but if you have pre-written letters you can drop them off at registration on the Sunday when you drop your child off.


What if My Child Gets Homesick?

It’s not unusual for children, especially younger ones away for the first time, to feel homesick the first few days. Most get over it quickly and go on to have a wonderful time. We provide structure and keep campers busy from the moment they arrive, which helps to shift their focus away from home to new friends and having fun. Our caring staff are trained in how to best help homesick children. In the instances that a child is truly struggling, we will contact you.